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One year later gunshot victim makes amazing turnaround

A year to the day, 11-year -old Adison from Eagle Pass had his life change completely. During December16, 2017 he suffered a gunshot wound that caused severe damage.

Doctors tried to save his lower right extremity but had no other option than to amputate his leg.

Soon after his nightmare ordeal Adison and his family were referred to Shriners Hospitals for Children in Houston by a member of the local Shriners Chapter in Eagle Pass.

Adison’s parents Daniel and Leticia were assisted in trying to find medical help for him to care for his wound, rehabilitation services and a prosthesis while at the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Houston.

”He had to overcome many difficult challenges,” said his father Daniel. “Physical therapy was hard for him. He would cry out in pain, but he prevailed.”

After months of rehabilitation and on sheer will, Adison began to show major signs of improvement, not letting his nightmare situation define him and his will to live a normal life like any 11-year-old child.

With all the love and support from his family and medical doctors and hours upon hours of continuous physical, occupational and recreational therapy, Adison managed to conquer adversity and even got back to playing sports.

At this point in time, Adison uses a regular prosthesis throughout the day and changes into a special running leg manufactured specifically for himself to run and play sports.

Less than a year since his injury, Adison, is back on the field and excelling in every sports activity he participates in. He currently is a defensive lineman in a local youth league.

“The hospital is a six-and-a-half-hour drive from home, but it’s worth it coming down here for the quality of care,” said Daniel. “The people, the service – it’s been excellent. We are thankful for everything they have done for us.”

During this time Adison has overcome so much and continues striving to make the best out of a situation that he will not allow define the rest of his life which is living it to the fullest.

I truly believe that we should all take a step back from our lives and learn from Adison and his unwavering heart.

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