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Counterfeit Currency detected during holiday shopping

An individual was questioned by the Eagle Pass Police Department (EPPD) over the weekend for attempting to pay with a $ 100 counterfeit bill at a retail store on Saturday, December,8.

EPPD Public Information Officer Humberto Garza Jr. Reported that the Police Department was called to Wal Mart in regards to the incident.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers made contact with store personnel who directed them to the individual in order to clarify the issue.

The person made a statement to police officers that he did not know that the currency was fake and he did not know where exactly he had come upon the bill since he had been shopping at multiple places.

The individual personal information was taken by the responding officers and the bill was confiscated to be sent to a Federal Government office in San Antonio for analysis.

The individual did pay for the items he was trying to purchase and was released.

Officer Garza does ask the community to be careful with such issues especially during this time of the year.

This is the second time in the past two weeks that counterfeit currency is detected at a local store.

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