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Commissioners Court adopts budget and tax rate

The Maverick County Commissioners Court held a meeting on Thursday, September 13 in which they adopted a budget and tax rate under the proposed tax rate.

There were various members of the community present at the meeting. Among them was resident Enriqueta Diaz who spoke out against certain issues that she felt needed to be addressed by the court before actually approving a final budget including clearing up how funds from the Maverick County Landfill half a cent sales tax were represented in the budget and being used properly and or allocated.

Judge Saucedo thanked the individuals and addressed the issue stating that he was not there to argue with anyone but to work on fixing things and work with the concerned citizens.

“We appreciate that you take the time to come here. I’m ready to sit down with you all and see what you are seeing that we might not be seeing so we can fix it now,” said Saucedo.

Another issue that came up during the meeting was a proposed increase in fire protection fees the City of Eagle Pass is seeking to increase from $400,000 to $1,200,000 an increase of 200 %.

The court proceeded to take certain items into executive session to consult with the county attorney over various legal questions that needed to be asked and answered before proceeding with the rest of the agenda which included adopting a budget and tax rate.

Once back into open session Judge Saucedo opened up the agenda items for discussion and a possible vote.

The court discussed and pointed out that a line item had been added to show the funds brought in to the County Landfill from the half a cent sales tax revenues.

Commissioners Court then approved the new budget, tax rate increase and the tax rate resolution.

The approved tax rate is $0.5434 per every $100 valuation a $0.1 cent difference from what was originally being proposed which was $0.5534 per every $100 valuation.

The increase for the coming fiscal year is $ 0.314 cents from last years tax rate of $0.5120 per every $100 valuation.

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