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City of Eagle Pass raises cost of Fire Protection to Maverick County

The City of Eagle Pass is looking to increase the Maverick County Fire Protection fee by 200% for this coming fiscal year.

During the past weeks the City of Eagle Pass has been discussing the agreement they have with Maverick County for fire and ambulance services and possible changes to their service agreement.

Maverick County Judge David Saucedo brought up the issue during a Commissioners Court meeting held on Thursday, September 14. Judge Saucedo stated that some of the issues the county was looking at were the city seeking to increase its charge for the fire/emergency services fee from $400,000 to $1,200,000 a year a 200% increase.

Judge Saucedo stated he did not agree with the increase that the city is proposing. “ We now have to deal with an entity that wants to charge $1,200,000 for fire protection services for this year when last year it was at $400,000” said Saucedo

The county could possibly begin looking into what options they have including the possibilities of establishing their own Fire District/Fire Department.

The Eagle Pass City Council recently discussed the issue an ordered city administration to start looking at negotiating a new Fire and Emergency Services contract with Maverick County.

Recently the Eagle Pass City Council were notified by the Eagle Pass Fire department that they are short staffed and would be requesting to hire more personnel for this coming fiscal year due to the increase of emergency calls they handle on a yearly basis in and out of city limits.

The city is looking at hiring 6 new firefighters and other moves among the existing personnel to handle the workload.

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