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Eagle Pass City Council holds Public Hearing for proposed tax rate

The Eagle Pass City Council held their first public hearing to consider adopting the proposed tax rate of $ 0.542489/ 100 valuation and to hear from constituents and taxpayers over the rate.

Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu opened up the public hearing in which they were presented information regarding the proposed tax rate.

The proposed tax rate will stay at $ 0.542489/ 100 valuation or the same as last years tax rate.

This rate exceeds the lower of the effective or rollback tax rate, and state law requires that two hearings be held by the governing body before adopting the proposed tax rate.

The city’s effective tax rate is $0.525871/ $100 and the rollback rate came in at $ 0.550016/ $100.

The effective tax rate is the total tax rate needed to raise the same amount of property tax revenue for the City from the same properties in the 2017 tax year and the 2018 tax year.

If a tax rate higher than the rollback rate was to be adopted voters could petition for an election to limit the rate that may be approved to the rollback rate.

“I just want to make note as presiding officer for this governing body there is no proposed tax increase during this tax year,” said Cantu.

The second public hearing was held at city hall on September 11 with the meeting to vote on the adoption of the proposed tax rte to be held on September 18.

No one participated in the public hearing.

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