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Possible Child Sexual Assault reported to Police Department

The Eagle Pass Police Department received a possible sexual abuse complaint this past week.

The incident is currently being investigated and involves Child Protective Services.

Last week a male adult filed a complaint with the Eagle Pass Police Department regarding a possible sexual abuse incident against his 9 – year-old daughter.

The male complainant called into the Police Department and stated that his daughter had called him to tell him that her mothers husband (stepfather) had touched her inappropriately. The daughter then left her home and went to her grandmother’s house to get away from the situation. The young girls father told police officials that he was on his way to where his daughter was at to meet with her. He requested that an officer please meet up with him at the grandmother’s house to file a complaint.

Law enforcement officials met up with the complainant and opened an investigation on the incident. Child Protective Services were called in for assistance in on the matter.

This type of cases and accusations are a serious matter and are thoroughly looked at to assure the safety and well-being of the child and determine if anything inappropriate has occurred to file the necessary charges against the accused.

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