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Senator John McCain passes away from Brain Cancer at 81

Today our nation mourns the loss of United States Senator John McCain at the age of 81-year-old after a courageous fight against Brain Cancer.

Throughout his life Senator McCain was the embodiment of the word Patriot. McCain was a extraordinary American war hero who gave all to his country up until his last days here on Earth.

Senator McCain spent his entire life in service to his country including more than two decades in the Military serving in the U.S Navy.

During his service to the U.S Navy, John McCain spent almost 6 years as a Prisoner of War to the North Vietnamese communists in a Hanoi prison.

His heroism and love for his country will never be forgotten and will forever be respected on both sides of the political isles.

John McCain was a man who stood for his beliefs and spoke from his heart.

Senator McCain was a man of honor and integrity who lived his life serving God and Country.

Today, our nation, has lost a great public servant and human being.

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the McCain family, as they grieve the loss of a loving husband, father, and grandfather. May he rest in peace.

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