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Eagle Pass City Council requests study on closures of 3 streets

The Eagle Pass City Council requested for another study to be conducted on the closure of Rio Grande, Williams, and Church Streets during their meeting held on Monday, August, 13.

City Council requested the study to be spearheaded by Eagle Pass Police Chief Albert Guajardo, Fire Department Chief Manuel Mello and Public Works Director Jesse Sandoval,

On Tuesday, August 14 the city closed down all three streets to begin the study.

Chief Guajardo notified the press of the study and answered various questions over the issue.

“We’re conducting this study to evaluate how the traffic will flow if those streets were to be permanently closed,” said Guajardo. “This information will then be presented to the City Council and Administration. The study will include information for both Police Department responses and emergency services as well.”

Chief Guajardo stated that the streets will remain closed for the next 2 weeks to get an overall picture of how traffic will re-route and what possible effects the street closures could have including school traffic activity.

“We’re looking at every angle of this issue and need to see how traffic patterns will change.”

Eagle Pass Police Chief Guajardo believes that the study is expected to take from 10 to 14 days.

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