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Domestic Violence turns into shooting

A domestic violence incident reported to the Maverick County Sheriff Department resulted in more violence after an individual shot at his son-in-law multiple times.

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that the incident occurred over the weekend in an area along School Circle Street in the Rosita Valley sector.

Schmerber states that Sheriff deputies responded to an emergency call of shots fired. Upon arrival at the scene, deputies made contact with two individuals a male and female who stated that she had been assaulted by her other half.

The female complainant told deputies that she had an argument with her husband and in the process, he had struck her at least twice on the face.

The complainant’s father saw what was occurring and proceeded to try to defend his daughter and pulled out a firearm and shot at his daughters husband three different times.

The subject was not hit by the gunshots.

The husband was identified as 37 -year-old Marcos Martinez (DOB 5/24/1981) was arrested on charges of assault (Domestic Violence).

The victim’s father was not charged at the time but his firearm was turned over to investigating officers

It’s unknown if the individual who fired his weapon will face any criminal charges in the near future.

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