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Republican Party of Texas files lawsuit against SD 19 candidate Pete Gallego

The Texas Republican Party filed a lawsuit on Friday, August 10 attempting to kick Democrat candidate for the District 19 Senator position Pete Gallego off the special election run-off ballot.

The lawsuit claims that Mr. Gallego does not live in the district he is seeking to represent and should be disqualified from even being on the ballot.

Gallego states that the GOP’s attempt to do so is absurd and that the suit has no validity whatsoever.

This issue started with an attack ad that was put out by another candidate for the position. Then-candidate Roland Gutierrez put out a campaign ad claiming that Gallego did not reside in the district a must for any person trying to run for certain public offices.

Back then Gallego addressed the allegations and called them frivolous. “I have been living in Alpine since 1989. My home is there, I’m registered to vote there and get my bills there. What I see is an attempt to continue trying to burn my name.”

“What we need to do is get down to the race and what we can do for our constituents,” added Gallego.

The lawsuit claims that Gallego resides in Austin, Texas, not in Alpine or any other place within Senate District 19.

At this point, Gallego is heading to a runoff election against Republican Pete Flores.

Flores came in on top off the 8 person race beating Gallego by close to 5 percentage points or approximately 2,000 votes which he picked up in two Republican stronghold counties.

A call on the run-off election has yet to be ordered by Texas Governor Greg Abbott who wasted no time calling the emergency special election once then Texas Senator Carlos Uresti had resigned.

The next chapter in this political drama is going to be an interesting one to watch.

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