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Eagle Pass City Council holds Public Hearing to close portions of 3 streets

The Eagle Pass City Council held a public hearing proposing to close portions of Church Street, Rio Grande, and Williams Streets on Tuesday, August 7.

Planning Director Vanessa Rosales Herrera presented information on this topic. Herrera explained that the proposal had been an idea that has been in the works since 2015 and studies have pointed to this 3 streets as the most viable to close down.

Union Pacific Railroad representative Ivan Jaime spoke to the public about the proposal.

Jaime addressed the public and spoke of the proposal. “What led to this project is that the city for a long time has been wanting to create a quiet zone. Union Pacific is also looking into doing a double main track project where they will add another track coming from the yard into downtown. That has led to the opportunity to see if we can make a quiet zone work with this project.”

City Manager Ivan Morua stated that it would be up to the city council to make a recommendation as to which of the crossings they would like to consider closing.

U.S. Postmaster Ernesto Saucedo spoke during the public hearing stating that the proposed street closings would negatively affect mail delivery. “If you’re going to block it forever you’re adding all this traffic to our overpasses. For mail deliver it affects the blocking off the area for delivery purposes.

The City Council then took on 3 ordinances pertaining to the street closures. Council went into executive session to consult with legal counsel over the issue.

Once back in open session the city council voted in favor of approving the first reading of all 3 ordinances.

Mayor Pro-Tem stated that this had been in the works for many years and that it’s something that the citizens have been asking for.

Councilman Davis did mention that one of the plans is to work towards a quiet zone and in the future possibly build an underpass through Williams St. that would help alleviate traffic backup. Davis added that the closures might not be for all 3 streets.

Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu and City Councilman Luis E. Sifuentes were not present during the meeting.

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