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Eagle Pass Independent School District (EPISD) employees are scheduled to get a pay increase

During a meeting held on Tuesday, July, 31 the EPISD Board heard information regarding the Superintendent’s proposal to seek an increase in pay for employees.

Deputy Superintendent for Business & Finance Ismael Mijares presented the Board with various scenarios including different options including an option for a 2 %, 4 %, and 5.42 % salary increases.

The EPISD Board of Trustees listened attentively and then proceeded to go into closed session to consult with their attorney legal issues relating to the Superintendent’s annual compensation plan recommendation for the 2018-2019 to include wage and salary structures, stipends, benefits, incentives, salary schedules, and salary increases. TGC 551.071.

Once back in open session EPISD Superintendent Gilbert Gonzalez addressed the board.

“I recommend a salary increase for professionals of 5.42 % based on the average teacher’s salary of $ 55,356. Which includes a new starting salary of $45,000 based on 187 days. That is an increase in starting pay from last year of $ 42,571. Salary increases for all other employees to include administrators, paraprofessionals and manual trades of 5.42 % of the midpoint based on the proposed increases to pay ranges (Employees Pay Grade). Salary increases will only apply to full time employees, part-time food service employees, part-time transportation employees, and other part-time employees who are eligible for fringe benefits and have completed their 2017-2018 working calendar,” said Gonzalez.

Mijares explained how the recommendation would work in trying to make it as fair as possible by going with the midpoint option.

Mijares stated that in order to be able to set this in place the board would have to go with the budget being recommended which includes the proposed tax rate increase of 8%.

The EPISD Board of Trustees voted in favor of the salary increase on a split vote with Board Trustees Jorge Barrera and Christopher Hiller voting against. Rudy Bowels abstained from voting.

Note: Mr. Barrera has stated that he had voted not against the salary increase but the motion of opting to go with the mid-point option proposal.” I am for the increase but wanted it straight on everyone’s salaries,”said Barrera.

Mr.Bowles did not want to comment on his decision to abstain from voting.

Board member Hiller was not available for comment at the end of the meeting.

Board President Lupita Fuentes, Hilda Martinez, Glenna Purcell and Dr. Hector Alvarez voted in favor of the increase

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