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Subject resisting arrest for probation violation raises interesting safety concerns for EPPD

The Eagle Pass Police Department arrested a 32-year old male adult on Wednesday July 25, for a probation violation, assault against peace officers, resisting arrest, and possession of a cocaine.

Eagle Pass Police officers were summoned by the Maverick County Probation Department to assist in the probation violation arrest of 32-year-old Jeremy Salinas in a home located on Superior Drive. The subject was found to be in possession of drugs a violation of his probation restrictions.

Salinas was detained and problems arose when he was being taken into the Eagle Pass Police Department for booking.

Salinas began to argue with police officials and attempted to resist and began spitting at some of the officers.

Salinas was subdued and placed in restraints and a facial protective mask for his and the officer’s protection.

Eagle Pass Police Chief Albert Guajardo stated that Salinas has had many run-ins/arrests with the law and has behaved aggressively multiple times against peace officers.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that Salinas was involved in an arrest incident back on October 2016 that ultimately led to the firing of long- time Eagle Pass Police Sergeant Raul Gonzalez and another police officer back in April of this year.

Back in 2016, Gonzalez was accused of Misconduct and Excessive Force.

Gonzalez was suspended and eventually terminated.

Gonzalez appealed the EPPD decision and an arbitration hearing on Gonzalez’s appeal took place.

In April an arbitration decision was rendered in Gonzalez’s matter through the EPPD Civil Service Process. The decision denied Gonzalez’s appeal to be reinstated and cleared of the misconduct and excessive force complaint and possibly be re-hired by the department.

Back in 2016, Salinas was being arrested by Gonzalez and other peace officers when family members interfered in his arrest. Salinas arrest escalated into an issue where pepper spray was used. It was also alleged that ex-Sergeant Gonzalez used excessive force against a female, striking her multiple times in the face and pepper spraying her as well. Gonzalez claims that the woman had attempted to grab his arms as he was escorting Salinas to a squad car.

Gonzalez has denied all claims against him.

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