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Child falls out of moving vehicle

The Eagle Pass Police Department responded to an emergency call regarding a child who had fallen out of a moving vehicle on Wednesday, July25.

Information provided by EPPD information officer Humberto Garza Jr. states that the incident occurred at the intersection located on Garrison St. by the Mall De Las Aguilas area.

Investigating officers discovered that a one-year-old child had fallen out of a moving 2004 white Ford F-150 pickup truck conducting a turning movement.

The child was further discovered to not have been secured in the child safety seat she had been sitting in nor was the seat secured to the vehicle.

She was transported to the local emergency room for treatment of injuries sustained and later transferred to a medical facility in San Antonio for further treatment.

Eagle Pass Police Department would like to take this opportunity to inform the community that children, depending on their age should always be secured in a child safety seat or booster seat. Children should always ride in the backseat of any vehicle age of 14 and then should always use a safety belt.

The Eagle Pass Police Department works with the Texas Department of State Health Services during the year with car seat events where car safety seats and if required and available, safety seats may be issued at these events.

These events also provide education on the seats and instructions to parents on how to install them correctly and choose the appropriate seat. Events are being planned and when the date is set information will be provided.

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