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Los Garcia Bros: Aguantando la Vara

Not a day goes by that Joe Garcia Sr. and his family doesn’t remember their beloved son Santiago “Jimmy” Garcia who passed away 16 years ago in a tragic one vehicle accident.

The conjunto music world was devastated as the news spread that very day back on July 19, 2002.

Jimmy Garcia died at the age of 27 years old and at the top of the Conjunto Music World, his dream since he was a young boy.

Jimmy Garcia, picked up music at an early age under the guidance and tutelage of his father, Joe Sr. Back in 1990, he formed Los Clavelitos de Jimmy Garcia, with his brother, Joey “El Bro” Garcia, Jr. and their father.

Jimmy had a passion for music like no other. Many locals still remember the days of dancing to Los Clavelitos music at local dance halls. And hearing them practice on Bryan St almost on a daily basis back in the 90’s.

Those were the days when Joe Sr. was preparing and shaping his sons musical souls to take the conjunto world by storm and that they did.

In 2001, the conjunto group made their impact, garnering recognition and winning various Tejano Music Awards including for Most Promising Band and Conjunto Album of the Year honors at the Tejano Music Awards.

In April of 2002, they repeated the feat once again winning the Conjunto Aalbum of the Year Award for their album “La Rayita” at the Tejano Music Awards.

Tragically, Jimmy lost his life at a time when he and the group were at a very popular stage in their careers after years of struggling to make an impact in the music scene.

Although 16 years have passed, Jimmy is still remembered by thousands of fans, friends and his family as he is gone but never forgotten.

After Jimmy’s passing the family decided to continue the family tradition in Jimmy’s honor and continue playing with Joey Jr. at lead vocals.

Joe Sr. retired from live performances a few years ago but continues his sons legacy in an advisory role to the conjunto group.

Los Garcia Brothers dream is alive and well as Joey and his group continues performing in the United States and internationally. Joey launched his own record label, El Bro Records a few years ago and continues with the love and tradition that his father taught him and his carnal, Jimmy.

Los Garcia Brothers launched a new album this past week titled Aguantando la Vara.

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