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Silent Heroism: The True Hero

Real heroism is silent. Does not ask for attention, or seek recognition. True heroism is all about waking up in the morning, and knowing that you do your job and someone else gets to live.

True heroism is quite unremarkable but oftentimes overlooked.

Within minutes of each other, there were two emergency calls reporting unresponsive persons. The calls came over the radio and seconds later personnel from the Eagle Pass Fire Department were on the way to provide medical attention and transport the individuals to the local emergency room.

Both victims survived their medical ordeal, we were told.

But often no matter what this fine men and women do, they cannot save a patients life. “Those you take home with you and wonder what else could I have done for them during their last moments,” says a local firefighter/EMT.

The EMS profession is a stressful career. EMS personnel experience recurring exposure to trauma, violence, and death. On a moments notice you may respond to a simple call of a cat up a tree and seconds later your driving towards a life and death decision-making call.

These calls are the ones that many EMS personnel carry with them for the rest of their lives. “Every one of those calls and patients you lose, you take home. Those calls you can never leave behind,” says a local Firefighter/EMT.

“What often shakes you to the core is emergency calls involving children. Seeing their pain and knowing that their lives are in your hands really brings out every emotion. You just want to give them your all. I often wish I could take their place to make their pain go away,”said another EMT

As soon as EMS responds to an emergency call they become the lifeline for their patients and the nearest hospital/ trauma center.

In 9 months reported for this fiscal year, 25 individuals have died either while being assisted or on the way to the hospital.

The job of a civil service employee is a demanding one and our men and woman always answer the call and go out there and give it their all.

Next time you see a Peace Officer or an EMT/ Fire Fighter thank them. It is because of them that we as a community can sleep safely.

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