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Tragedy once again strikes local family

Tragedy has struck a local family once again as a young 21-year-old committed suicide on Saturday, July 14, 2018.

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that Sheriff Deputies and Eagle Pass Fire Department personnel received an emergency call on Saturday, in the Chula Vista Sector of the community regarding a suicide.

Sheriff Schmerber reports that upon arrival to the scene, deputies and EMS personnel found an unresponsive male subject. They proceeded to attempt to revive the individual and immediately transported him to Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Emergency Room where he sadly was declared deceased.

Schmerber states that the individuals family members advised deputies that they had found him hanging and proceeded to take him down from where he was.

The deceased individual was later identified as 21-year-old Albino Garcia.

Although no one can determine what led Garcia to tragically take his own it’s reported that he could have been dealing with issues related to a tragedy that occurred nine months ago in 2017 when he lost his paternal grandparents Ernesto and Maria Ibarra in what law enforcement officials called a murder suicide in the North Side of the community.

Persons close to the family state that Garcia was very close to his grandparents and would struggle with their loss.

Sadly this is the second suicide by hanging in less then two weeks apart in Maverick County.

Two weeks ago a 62 -year -old male took his own life in the same manner and in the same area of the community.

Suicide and self/harm is a very serious problem that afflicts communities all across the world including Maverick County

Locally, in recent years the issue has been increasing at never before seen rates.

The Eagle Pass Fire Department responds to numerous self/harm emergency calls on a monthly basis.

This issue affects all ages as in the case of a 15 -year -old who attempted to commit suicide in the month of March by ingesting a large quantity of prescribed pills.

Luckily that child was saved by the Eagle Pass Fire Department Paramedics.

Suicide is a serious matter and Maverick County is not exempt from the tragic reality that many people become victims of their own demise. Tragically taking their own life by committing suicide.
From 1999 through 2017, Maverick County has had a total of 47 suicide deaths, according to the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

A problem that becomes even greater when the actual amount of people who are attempting self -harm nears to almost one person per week who attempt to take their own life.

During 2014 through 2016 a total of 128 people from our community attempted to take their own life. This is a major crisis that cannot go ignored any longer. It can be stated that during those 24 months at least one person has tried to commit suicide per week in Maverick County.

Reports for EPFD emergency calls of self/harm for 2017 and 2018 are to be requested at the end of this fiscal year during the month of September.

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