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Boom still baffles citizens

Thousands of people are still baffled by two alleged loud explosions that were heard and felt along the Texas/ Mexico border from Maverick County to Piedras Negras, Coahuila and as far as Dimmit County.

The sound of an explosion went off at around 10: AM on Friday, July, 13 which made the ground, house roofs and windows tremble for more than a 45 mile stretch of area.

There are reports of people jumping out of there vehicles alarmed by the loud boom and rattling of the incident.

Authorities up to now swear they have no idea what caused the thunderous boom and have not been able to identify where it came from.

Up to now, everyone is still wondering what the unexplained phenomenon was.

So many theories have been put out there but have come back fruitless to underline the root cause of the explosion/tremble.

Informate has been searching for an answer to this mysterious incident, have looked at every possible scenario and traveled to numerous locations, minutes after the explosion and have yet been able to begin to figure out where and what caused the unexplained explosions.

We have looked into all possible leads including dynamite blasting from an operating coal mine in Maverick County, Injection Well and Oil Rig Activity in the region, Seismic Activity and or movement of fault lines along the Maverick Basin and Comet and Meteorite activity as well.

Everything has come back negative.

One conclusion cannot be put to a rest as information is not readily available to inspect and could take months to hear about due to measures and research taking months to be put together by corresponding agencies.

A falling Meteorite ?

Such a theory could be plausible as seen back in 2014.

One will recall that on the night of November 4 , 2014 a fireball lit up the entire region above Maverick County and was seen as far as San Antonio, Texas. The fireball burned so brightly that it was picked up on a NASA meteor camera in the mountains of New Mexico over 500 miles away.

A loud Sonic boom did occur that night as the meteorite entered the earth’s atmosphere.

Back then the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department(MCSD) reported the incident to the National Weather Service in San Antonio. “The ground shook when a meteorite landed at around 8:45 p.m,” reported the MCSD.

The meteorite from back in 2014 was reported to have been approximately four feet wide and weighed up to 4,000 lbs and burned five times brighter than a full moon according to information from NASA.

The shaking of the ground reported in 2014 by the MCSD and felt by so many was explained by Dr. Bill Cooke NASA Meteoroid Environment Office Director.

“When a piece of a comet or asteroid hurtling through space enters the Earth’s atmosphere, pressure causes it to break apart violently in an explosion,” Cooke told CNN.

Cooke explained that the meteorite seen back then could have been from the North Taurid meteor shower which was occurring, around that time.

A search for any meteor shower activity shows that next expected occurrence is expected in the beginning of August and coming from the Perseus constellation ranging from 100 to 200 meteors per hour.

The American Meteor Society reports that thousands of meteorite fireballs occur in the Earth’s atmosphere each day but that most of them happen over oceans or uninhabited areas — or are masked by daylight.

The two explosions heard could also have been an explosion and its resonating echo.

Up to now, every possible explanation is just that an explanation/theory of what the loud mysterious explosion that occurred on Friday, July 14 could have been.

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