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Maverick County Commissioner Court approves election workers for Emergency Election

The Maverick County Commissioners Court held a meeting on Monday, in which they approved to hire election workers for the emergency special election called by Texas Governor Greg Abbott for July, 31 with early voting to start on Monday, July 16 – 22.

During the discussion portion of the Item, Pct. 1 Commissioner Jerry Morales asked County Elections Administrator Roy Schmerber if the county would get reimbursement from the state on this emergency election.

“No the County pays for it,” said Schmerber.

County Commissioner Roberto Ruiz stated he had an issue with having to pay for an election ordered by the governor.

“This is a classic example of unfunded mandates. It comes from the Governor’s office that every county involved will have it and will pay for this. It seems to me well, If the Governor is asking for it then the state should pay for it. Mr. Schmerber stated that it’s going to cost somewhere in the vicinity of $40 to $50,0000 dollars,” said Ruiz.

“Hopefully it will be less,” answered Schmerber.

Early Voting for this special election will be moved from the customary Multi-Purpose Center due to scheduling conflicts.

Early Voting will now be at 2401 Royal Ridge St (Word of Life Church).

There are eight candidates vying for the senatorial position including, Carlos Raymond (Rep), 2. Peter Flores (Rep), 3. Roland Gutierrez (Dem), 4. Tomas Uresti (Dem), 5.Tony Valdivia (Lib), 6. Charlie Urbina Jones (Dem), 7. Pete Gallego (Dem) and, 8. Jesse Alaniz (Rep).

Election day voting poll sites will be announced at a later date.

If the election were to take place in November during the general election time period there would be some type of reimbursement funding available for county governments from the state.

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