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City of Eagle Pass debates future of Bridge Crossing Express Card

The City of Eagle Pass will be evaluating if they will continue with the bridge Crossing Express Card discount for this coming fiscal year or will phase it out as originally planned when first adopted.

The City initially proposed the discount as a way to promote the use of the express card. They have continued with the discount for a couple of years and are now looking to see if its viable or costing the city much needed revenues.

A couple of years back, the City approved the discount incentive to promote its Express Lane Card.

The Express Lane and Card allow for a bridge crossing patron to easily access and pay electronically at the toll booth.

As the City begins a new fiscal year the question arises will they change toll rates and will they add the incentive once again or begin phasing it out.

The Eagle Pass City Council briefly discussed the issue with City Finance Director Jesse Rodriguez during their budget workshop this past week.

Rodriguez stated that the discount was set in place as a promotional tool to promote the express card which in itself is an incentive.

Rodriguez hinted that in fact, the discount was becoming a burden on the bridge systems revenue line.

The toll rates and express card discount is an issue that the City Council along with the Eagle Pass Bridge Board will have to seriously look at before deciding if they are going to approve a discount once again.

The Eagle Pass City Council will ultimately take recommendations from the Bridge Board and Administration either to adopt new toll rates for both bridges, keep them the same and also adopt a discount on the express card or phase it out.

Back in 2017, the city increased bridge toll crossing rates but adopted a discount on the Express Lane Card in order to encourage its use which would offset the toll rate increase.

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