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SD 19 race heats up with allegations of false endorsements

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber was surprised to see his picture and a supposed endorsement from him for current candidate Roland Gutierrez who is running for the Texas Senator District 19 position, vacated by long time Senator Carlos Uresti.

Schmerber that day had publicly endorsed Pete Gallego who is running as well.

“I didn’t know what to say. I never endorsed him,” said Schmerber.

A day later, the Schmerber endorsement was taken off Gutierrez’s Facebook page.

But that’s where it all begins.

Two other public officials claim to have had the same problem happen to them.

The three officials say that Gutierrez has cited their endorsements, pledges they never even made.

One of the other public officials is former Del Rio Mayor Roberto Chavira who has also publicly endorsed Gallego. The other officials name has not been made public.

“I never said I was going to endorse him,” said Chavira. “I don’t even know the gentleman. I’ve never seen him or talked to him (in person),” Chavira told the SA Express,

Schmerber and other officials across District 19 have confirmed that they had spoken to Gutierrez and had agreed to meet with him when he would stop by their community but no endorsement or commitment had been made to do so.

Sheriff Schmerber states that in his conversation with Gutierrez such thing wasn’t even discussed and that he did in no way indicate he was offering support. “I was very surprised. I didn’t like that. I don’t like for people to just write my name,”Schmerber told the SA Express.

The third officials endorsement and picture were supposedly used in campaign propaganda by Gutierrez without his consent the individual claims.

Gutierrez’s political camp has stated that possible misunderstandings occurred and people were listed under the guise that they were to endorse.

Sheriff Schmerber has spoken to Gutierrez and have addressed the misunderstanding.

The names have been taken of the endorsement list but a hot cup of coffee is brewing right in the middle of a hotly contested race of eight candidates that are looking for one seat that has already been marred with enough controversy.

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