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City looks into decrease of property cleaning fees

The City is looking into resolving various issues including the decrease of property cleaning fees.

Finance Director Jesus Rodriguez addressed the issue with the city during a meeting held on Tuesday, July, 3 2018.

“What we’re removing is a $150 administrative fee for property cleaning that was being charged and reducing the amount being charged per square foot from $0.12 cents to $0.10 cents per Sq ft.”

Mayor Pro Tem Yolanda Ramon asked Rodriguez what was the reason for reducing the fees.

Rodriguez explained that the fees were set high to keep people from taking advantage of the city’s services and use them as their personal lot cleaners. The fees however, are being seen as to excessive especially, for larger properties. “It ended up costing us in the long run so we wanted those fees to be excessive so they wouldn’t use us.”

“They would take advantage,” said Ramon.

“Yes,” added Rodriguez.

Ramon emphasized the importance of assuring that property owners are compliant with their responsibilities as per city codes and ordinances as their neighbors do. “Just like people complain about the fees they’re people who complain that properties aren’t maintained and cleaned by the owners and that’s not fair. We have a problem with lowering the fees. We need to make sure it’s either you cut it or you pay for it.”

Rodriguez explained that even with the lowering of the fees the city would still cover all costs incurred by the city and still be more expensive than any private company. “So we feel that a penalty is still there for not complying but not overly excessive.”

Mayor Cantu intervened .“Even with lowering the charge the city must maintain a high rate because it can’t be out cleaning all these private lots and keep up with daily operations at the city public works level.

The city voted in favor of adjusting the cleaning rate fees.

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