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Multi-Agency Operative conducted

A Multi-Law Enforcement Agency Operative took place at approximately 7:00 am on Tuesday, June, 26, 2018 in Eagle Pass, Texas.

During the early morning hours the Eagle Pass Police Department Special Weapons And Tactics Team (SWAT), Dimmit County Sheriff’s Department, Texas Rangers, Texas Department of Public Safety and the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department conducted a raid at a home on Bryan St.

The home raided is a potential Stash House possibly connected to the Human Smuggling incident and accident in Big Wells.

Law enforcement agents gathered evidence pertaining to pending charges against the suspects in the human trafficking case.

That incident tragically took the life of 5 undocumented immigrants as the vehicle they were being transported led law enforcement officials on a high- speed chase. The vehicle suffered a rollover accident causing the death of 5 individuals and injuring another 9.

Up to now, five people have been charged in the alleged human smuggling scheme.

At least two individuals that are suspected to have direct involvement in the incident are from Eagle Pass, Texas.

A federal complaint was filed on Tuesday, June, 19 charging the defendants with transporting undocumented immigrants, conspiracy to transport and harbor undocumented immigrants resulting in serious bodily injury and death.

One of those charged is the driver has been identified as 20- year- old Jorge Luis Monsivais from Eagle Pass.

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