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Former Texas State Senator sentenced

Former Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti was sentenced to 12 years in prison and three years supervised release on Tuesday, June 26 2018.

During his sentencing Uresti’s attorney filed various objections to be considered. Federal Judge David Ezra ruled out various of those request.

Ezra did allow Uresti to remain out on bond until the conclusion of a federal bribery charge out of Reeves County. That trial is set for October 28 of this year.

During the hearing, Uresti addressed the court stating that he was the only one to blame for his situation and problems . “I’ll lose my office, my home, and all of my possessions, but most importantly, I’m losing my family and that’s something I cannot replace,”said Uresti.

After his sentencing, Uresti was escorted by his attorneys and family from the courtroom.”I respect the decision, but I don’t agree with it,” Uresti told reporters.

Uresti’s legal problems stem from various accusations including fraud and money laundering.

In February, Uresti was convicted on 11 charges that ultimately ended his longtime career as a politician and attorney.

Judge Ezra also set restitution to the victims in the amount of $6,345,441 along with a $1,100 special assessment.

Uresti has stated that he will appeal the sentencing.

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