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Local Plastic bag ordinance ban lifted

After having its Plastic Bag Ordinance in place for a year and a half the City of Eagle Pass will immediately lift the ban, Last week the Texas Supreme Court ruled against any plastic bag bans in the State.

As of a result of the Higher courts decision the City of Eagle Pass is lifting its prohibition on the commercial use of plastic bags.

Eagle Pass City Manager Ivan Morua states that the city’s legal counsel has advised them on how the Courts ruling potentially affects the local ban.

“ We were notified that the Texas Supreme Court ruled on the plastic bag issue. At first, we thought that the ruling would affect Laredo and other cities with ordinances similar to theirs. We did not feel we were to be affected because our ordinance is constructed differently. Our legal counsel has advised us that the ruling covers any type of plastic bag prohibition which tries to control the use of plastic bags,” said Morua “We’re approaching the issue as if it does affect us and therefore makes our ordinance ineffective.”

The City of Eagle Pass had worked on its ordinance since 2015 and drafted two versions of the mandate. They pulled a version similar to the Laredo ordinance on December 1, 2015.

They went on to approve the version that currently stands which took effect on January, 1 2017.

The city thought that due to difference in their ban as compared to other bans they would not fall under the Supreme Courts ruling.

The city will begin notifying the stores that they can begin using the plastic bags if they choose to.

Morua states that the prohibition of the use of plastic bags was a positive change to the city’s aesthetics and environmentally. “We hope that the stores and community take that into consideration. Many of us had gotten used to the changes,” added Morua “We saw a good change and think that the practice of being environmentally friendly should be continued by the community resident and stores.”

“I believe that we as citizens should continue the practice,” concluded Morua.

The lifting of the ban takes effect immediately.

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