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Fernando Puron assassinated after debate

Ex Mayor of Piedras Negras Fernando Puron was shot in the head late Friday evening after attending a debate. The debate was held at the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila near the Macroplaza in Piedras Negras. This debate was against Claudia Andrade and Lenin Perez for the position of Federal Deputy District 1 (similar to a US Congressman). An extensive search is underway at the moment for the shooter and for information pertaining to the incident. This is a multientity search including Groupo SEDENA and Fuerza Coahuila.

At approximately 10:25pm on Friday night, multiple Mexican news agencies advised of the death of Piedras Negras Ex Mayor Fernando Puron from a gunshot to the head.

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, the body the late PRI candidate for Federal Deputy District 01 of Coahuila and Ex Piedras Negras Mayor will be lying in repose starting at 10am in Funerales Socorro in Piedras Negras. At about three in the afternoon there will be a procession to the XII Cadena de la Sedena regiment building where Coahuila Governor Miguel Riquelme will lead a eulogy and tribute.

After the ceremony the procession will continue to the Iglesia de Guadalupe located on Zaragoza Street in the downtown area. The funeral mass is scheduled to start at 5 pm and interment will be soon after at Panteon Santo Cristo where he will be interred next to the remains of his father.

Our most sincere condolences from Informate staff to his family.

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