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Domestic Violence a constant threat in Maverick County

Domestic Violence remains a constant threat to the community with numerous incidents occurring on a weekly basis within Maverick County.

The latest incident reported by Sheriff Tom Schmerber occurred on Monday May, 28, leaving a male adult with severe wounds requiring his transfer to a Medical facility in the city of San Antonio.

Sheriff Schmerber reports that deputies were called to Blanca St. In the Loma Bonita Sector of the community in regards to a possible Domestic Violence incident.

Upon arrival to the scene of the call , deputies made contact with an individual who was laid out on the floor with multiple injuries to the head and body.

Schmerber states that the victim did identify his aggressor as his own brother. The male adult was then transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency Room for further treatment but was transported to San Antonio due to the severity of his injuries.

Maverick County Sheriff Detectives are working the case in order to determine what transpired and possibly issue out an arrest warrant on the person identified as the aggressor.

Domestic Violence incidents occur frequently in our community, being one of the most recurring and dangerous incidents reported to law enforcement officials,

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