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Tax Lawsuits a haven of viable income for some attorneys

Tax lawsuits are a tool used by governmental agencies to assure that they collect delinquent funds owed to them by taxpaying residents on their properties after the entity has gone through all legal recourse’s.

On a yearly basis local governing agencies taxing attorneys’ file what are known as Tax Lawsuits as a way to recover the funds owed to the governing body from delinquent taxpayers.

They either collect the money owed, work out payment plans and a last recourse of possession of the property in question and sale to recover the money owed.

Locally there are three governmental entities that go through this process and often have to foreclose on properties that are delinquent in their taxes. The organizations in question are the Eagle Pass Independent School District (EPISD), Maverick County and the City of Eagle Pass.

A review of information from two of these agencies was made. In the past 29 months there have been 469 tax lawsuits filed by the EPISD and Maverick County.

Up to now the EPISD through its tax attorneys’ Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson LLP have filed 342 of those suits. During 2018 the EPISD has filed 54 lawsuits filed. In 2017 EPISD filed 222 tax suits, and during 2016 they filed 66.

Maverick County through their tax attorneys’ Perdue , Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Motts LLP have filed 127 tax suits in the past 29 months. During 2018 the County has filed 48 suits, while in 2017 there were 11 tax suits, and in 2016 they filed 68 tax law suits for delinquent taxes.

Apart from paying what’s owed to the taxing entity the delinquent taxpayer must also pay the court cost fees which are often in the hundreds of dollars.

An insider did state that the amount of taxing lawsuits filed on a yearly basis is just a small percentage of the actual amount of properties that are behind in taxation.” There are property owners that owe thousands of dollars in taxes from many, many years ago.” said the insider.” Timely payment on your property taxes is the best way to avoid penalties.”

The fact that a tax lawsuit has been filed against a property owner for delinquent taxes owed does not mean that a property(ies) will be taken away. The governmental entity does give the debtor an opportunity to pay the debt.

If you owe any Ad Valorem taxes on any property and receive notification of such fact you are advised to contact the governing entity to avoid further action which may result in the loss of your property for unpaid taxes.

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