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James Jonas, ex-Crystal City City Manager sentenced to 35 years

Former Crystal City official James Jonas III appeared before Western District Court Honorable Magistrate Judge Alia Moses on Wednesday, May 16, 2018,to face sentencing on charges for Conspiracy To Commit Wire Fraud and Theft Of Honest Service.

After certain procedures and interaction between the court and Jonas, Judge Moses proceeded the sentencing phase of the trial.
Jonas was remanded to the custody of the Federal Corrections System for 420 consecutive months or 35 years imprisonment.

“Mr. Jonas you were granted a trial and defense and you were found guilty of what you have been accused off. The evidence was so overwhelming against you.” said Moses
Jonas has been found guilty for his role in the pay for play scheme as part of a corruption scheme sweep in Crystal City , Texas.

Jonas was City Manager and Attorney of Crystal City before he arrested as part of a federal criminal investigation alleging conspiracy to commit bribery,conspiracy to commit wire fraud, federal program bribery, wire fraud charges and theft of honest services as well.

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