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Border Patrol Agent Arrested

A Border Patrol agent assigned to the Del Rio sector area was arrested this week under an accusation that he pawned his government-issued night vision equipment in Laredo, Texas.

24 year old Border Patrol agent Luis Enrique Aranda claimed to his superiors that the very expensive binoculars/goggles had been stolen.

Aranda was served and arrested in Eagle Pass and now faces state jail felony theft charges.Aranda is facing up to two years of imprisonment and a $10,000 fine for the crime.

Reports show that on or about February 23, the Laredo Police Department received a theft report for stolen U.S. government equipment (night vision goggles) worth approximately $2,700. It’s believed that the goggles were pawned for an amount no more than $300.

Information further states that Aranda had just been transferred from the Laredo Sector to the Del Rio Sector and upon a check of his government issued equipment inventory the goggles were missing. Police officials state that Border Patrol officials stated that Aranda has claimed to his supervisor that the night vision goggles had been stolen.

A individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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