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Maverick County Hospital Dist discussed property purchases at previous meeting

The Maverick County Hospital District (MCHD) held a meeting on Tuesday April 24 in which they discussed and approved the purchasing of the property in which the District’s Building has stood for almost two decades.

The purchase comes after months of negotiations with Universal Health Systems (UHS) who purchased the hospital from (MCHD) back in January 1, 2000.

The question being asked is how and why was such deal agreed upon by a previous MCHD Board of Directors?

Among those who ordered such transaction was then Chairperson Gorge Garza who even signed off as grantor on a Special Warrant Deed which began the conveyance process to UHS.

This buy-sell agreement between both organizations has left many people scratching their heads as to why would the Hospital District place a $5,000,000 plus facility on a parcel of land that was not even under their name. Due to other addendum’s in place including contractual obligations, restrictions, and other responsibilities concerning a 25 year contract which does not expire until 2025. Both agencies have been seeking an agreement over the situation that was set in place by a previous administration and Board of Directors on both ends.

MCHD Board President Adolfo Olivares states that the purchasing of the property and being able to work out some type of deal /agreement with Universal Health Systems is a good sign, due to the difficult situation left behind by the Board of Directors during 2000.

“This happened when the hospital was sold. I don’t know why it was sold. It shouldn’t have happened but it did. And consequently the (MCHD) building ended up on somebody else’s property to be honest with you. Hopefully it will all be straightened out so we can move on, continue providing the region with the best medical services we can and start looking at other projects we have in mind.” said Olivares

The sale will have certain restrictions still set in place and up to now the amount of taxpayer monies being paid for the property has not been disclosed.

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