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Open Letter from Justice of the Peace David John Castañeda

Yes, David John Castaneda II, is my son. We were surprised, shocked, when we found out that he was being arrested and what he was being charged with. This has devastated both families, especially his mother, wife, and children. We would have never in our entire life imagined that this would have happened in our lifetime.

As all parents we raised our son within the church, taught him right from wrong, to be morally right, and of the dire consequences of the wrong turns in life. We ask ourselves, where did we go wrong? But no one knows men’s souls. He is an adult and should have known better and should have realized the consequences of his actions.

As a parent, as his father, I will support him to my very best of my ability. To all I say, if there are stones to be cast, cast them at me, for I am the patriarch of the family.

As all ships that find themselves out in a storm they look for a safe harbor. We find our safe harbor our haven, especially his mother, in the Bible. I particularly turn to Ezekiel 18:20 where it reads “A son is not to suffer because of his father’s sins, nor a father because of the sins of his sons.”

To those that have called and visited, we thank you for your support and kind works. You will never know how much that has meant to us and how much we have been strengthen by you kind words.

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