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Independent Auditor gives Maverick County an Unmodified Opinion

The Maverick County Commissioners Court held a meeting on Thursday March 29 in which they were presented with the 2017 Fiscal Year Audit and opinion letter by Mr. Brian Beyer Independent Auditor.

“We’re giving the County audit an unmodified opinion or whats known as a clean opinion. We did not find anything that would cause a concern.” said Beyer “Nothing came to our attention that would cause a concern for us to qualify our opinion.”

Beyer gave a report on the findings under the auditing standards applicable to financial statements in the United States of America.

Beyer went through sampling’s conducted from different funds a practice conducted when conducting audits.

Beyer pointed out the work being done at various offices throughout the county government commending the work as an entity being done on tightening the belt.

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“Overall it’s looking solid.” Said Beyer

The Commissioners Court and Beyer discussed the county’s Fund Balance, Debt Service which had a positive ending an improvement from the previous year. “In this past year the debt has been reduced by $2,000,000” said Beyer

Beyer did give various recommendations on how the county handles certain changes and or fund accounts.

Beyer pointed out that the county did not have a deficited budget in 2017.” That is commendable.” added Beyer

“The County overall debt service is $29,000,000.” much lower than county’s of this size.

Beyer reported that the county came in over budget on its revenues by $540,000. Which is a positive.

“All the county departments stayed under budget for the fiscal year 2017 by $568,608.”

Beyer gave a positive outlook on the county’s financial stance in the present and for the future.

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