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Attempted Suicide ends with female hospitalized for injuries

The tragic attempted suicide of a 16 year old female prompted the Eagle Pass Police and Fire Department personnel to rush to North Veterans Blvd at approximately 11:45pm on Thursday March 29.

Police units rushed towards the scene where it was reported that a female had jumped off the Veterans Boulevard Overpass.

Upon arrivals police officials found the young female on the ground. Emergency technicians began to provide medical support to the individual and she was then rushed to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Emergency Room to be observed, treated or possibly be prepared to be air lifted to a San Antonio, Texas hospital depending on her injuries.

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Luckily the young female did not sustain serious injuries from her jump and fall.

Unofficial information over the incident states that the juvenile ended up on the overpass bridge when she had an argument with relatives.

The juvenile proceeded to jump of a part of the overpass which is approximately 15 feet high. More information will be forthcoming once we have officials provide a clearer picture as to what occurred and the health status of the young 16 year old.

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