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One injured, one deceased in early morning shooting

Maverick County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Eagle Pass Fire Department responded to an emergency call regarding two people shot by a fire arm in the Deer Run Sector of the community at approximately 5:45 am on Sunday March 25.

Upon arrival Deputies found two male indiviudals who were severly bleeding.

Deputies and Emegerncy Medical Technicians proceeded to treat the individuals for their wounds. At this point one of the individuals succumbed to his injuries. The other victim was transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Emergency Room for treatment.

During this time the person involved in the shooting made contact with the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department and notified them that he had shot the two indivudals and that he had injuries(gash to the head area) to his facial area as well.

The suspect was treated for a wound to the head and was detained at the scene for firing the weapon against the two victims.

There were over 15 witnesses at the scene whom stated that they were attending a get together when a fight broke out between the two people and the alleged shooter.

An investigation is being conducted to piece together the incident and to establish what occurred that led to the crime committed.

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber has identified the deceased man as Michael “Wuero” Salinas and the wounded as his brother Sabino “Sonny” Salinas.

The suspect was detained and was remanded to the Tom Bowles Detention Center for questioning. The subject could possibly face charges for murder and attemtped murder once a thorough invesitgation is completed.

Sabino Salinas was transported to a San Antonio, Texas hospital for further treatment for his injuries.

Violence in our community continues at a never before seen pace. This has the community, public and law enforcement officals baffled.

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