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Maverick County Sheriff’s Dept responds to failed robbery attempt

The Maverick County Sheriff Department and Eagle Pass Fire Department paramedics responded to an emergency call at around 10:15 pm on Wednesday regarding possible shots fired in proximity to Tierra Del Sol Subdivision.

Upon arrival deputies made contact with a male individual who claimed that he had just shot another man after he had tried to rob his home.

The shooter stated that while at his home the lights went off. He proceeded to go outside and found a male subject near the homes light boxes. The subject was wearing a ski type mask and carrying a rifle. The homeowner confronted the subject and a brief struggle then ensued between both of them.

The homeowner states that he was then able to take the weapon from his attacker. He then shot the alleged aggressor once.

The alleged criminal was immediately transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Emergency Room where he died from one shot to the abdomen area.

Law enforcement officials are attempting to identify the deceased person as he had no identification on his person.

The incident is currently under investigation and no further information has been provided at this time.


The Maverick County sheriff Department have identified the deceased individual involved in last nights incident. The man fatally shot is 20 year old Eagle Passan Manuel Perez.

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