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Multiple agencies respond to Rosita Valley area for appearant gas leak

The Eagle Pass Fire Department , Maverick County Sheriff’s department Texas Department of Public Safety responded to an emergency in the Rosita Valley area on Thursday afternoon.

Law enforcement agencies were notified that a natural gas leak was detected in close proximity to the Shell Gas (Casino) station as around 4 pm.

Law enforcement officials then begun to block of the area and proceeded to call for an evacuation of an a half mile area in radius around the affected location.

The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department dispatch center began to receive calls from concerned citizens who were at their homes and needed assistance in evacuating.

Eagle Pass Fire chief Manuel (Sonny) Mello reported that the leak was detected in a gas transmission/ pumping line, and that they expected the gas company’s employees to contain it.

All law enforcement agencies worked in unison to direct traffic flow in and out of the area.

At around 5:05 pm calls could be hear over the emergency radio that personnel from West Texas Gas were miles away from Maverick County as they drove in from out of town to fix the issue.

Minutes later another call was hear over the radio scanner “We can open up the area back to traffic flow. Issue under control.”

The problem had been adverted and the dangers were no more.

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