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Drug Raid on home in Deer Run sector

The Maverick County Sheriff Department has reported that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) arrested a Maverick County resident on Thursday March, 8, 2018 in a drug raid in a home in the Deer Run sector of the community.

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reports that Sheriff Deputies assisted in the drug raid which resulted in the arrest of 36 year old Luis Roberto Reyna.

“ The Sheriff’s Department assisted in a drug raid after a thorough investigation had been conducted by DEA agents. This arrest was made and the individual is now facing criminal charges for possession of a controlled substance.” said Schmerber

Reyna was remanded to the Tom Bowles Detention Center where he currently waits to see a Judge to face charges for possession of controlled substance. The drug found in Reyna’s possession was Heroin.

Texas takes a strict stance on hard drugs, including heroin and other powerful narcotics. Possession of even a small amount of heroin — less than one gram — is charged as a felony and may result in jail time, while possession with intent to sell can get you a life sentence.

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