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Body of male adult recovered from Rio Grande River

The lifeless body of a male adult was recovered from the Rio Grande River by The Eagle Pass Fire Department at approximately 9 am on Sunday March 4. The body of the male victim ws spotted by the U.S. Border Patrol early in the morning near the banks of Rio Grande in close proximity to the City Golf Course.

Authorities called for a Justice of the Peace to pronounce the person deceased as required by law. A funeral home was also summoned to the scene.

Maverick County Justice of the Peace Tere Melendrez srrived shortly to make the pronouncement of death.

The individual did not have any type of identification with him. The task of identifying the individual will now take place. This will be an effort between local authorities, U.S. Border Patrol and the Mexican Consulate office in Eagle Pass.

Mexican Consulate Ismael Macias Navejas has been notified of the tragic incident . Efforts to gather information are being taken to check and see if the lifeless body is that of a undocumented migrant that was seen drowning in the River a few days ago.

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