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Law Enforcement Agencies meet to discuss Multi-Agency Training

Law Enforcement Agencies met on Monday February 19, 2018 to re-affirm their commitments to continue working together in assuring the safety of all Eagle Pass Independent School District students, faculty and staff.

During a meeting held on Monday morning, law enforcement officials continued talks and plans regarding multi-agency training that has been in place for years.

This training includes plans of action for situations such as an Active Shooter and other criminal conduct that would require for multiple agencies to work together to resolve an issue.

Each year the agencies adjoin to train for certain situations and are committed to the safety of the community. “We can’t take thing lightly and there is no threat that can be named unfounded. We must take every rumor or whatever it may be serious.” said a local law enforcement agent

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Every new school year the EPISD Police Department trains to assure that school children, parents, teachers and administration are safe at their respective campuses throughout the community.

The EPISD Police Department holds certain training exercises during the summer with other local, state, and federal agencies in order to provide a safe and secure environment for all students, parents, teachers, and guests studying, working, or visiting the District.

EPISD Superintendent Gilberto Gonzalez stated that safety is a major priority within the EPISD.  “Recognizing that law enforcement needs change constantly, we are pleased to inform the community that our EPISD Police Department continues to stay up-to-date on training vital in the law enforcement profession. The department works closely with all local municipal police departments, state and federal agencies within the Maverick County area.  The EPISD Police Department is comprised of committed professionals who strive for the safety of all campuses and district facilities,”

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