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The EPISD Board of Directors held discussion over Texas SB 693

The Eagle Pass Independent School District held a lively discussion over Texas Senate Bill 693 which requires for all brand-new school buses to have seat belts (2018 and beyond).

During the agenda item the School Board discussed the issue with faculty members and their attorney.

The Districts Counsel advised the Board of Trustees that the District could opt out as per the bill if the purchasing or implementing seat belts on all buses would not be feasible.

Rolando Salinas presented the report on the agenda item. “The bill does give districts the option to either opt in or out. Our recommendation is to opt out.”

A thorough discussion as to what the ramifications could possibly be was had.

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The School Board proceeded to take appropriate action regarding seat belts on buses pursuant to Texas Senate Bill 693.

They voted in favor of opting out due to the amount of funding that the District would have available for such project.

The Texas Senate on Wednesday passed legislation requiring three-point seat belts be installed on newly purchased school buses across the state.

Bus safety is often something that is carefully looked at by the district who has the best interest of the students and their families.

One thing that has always been asked is, if a vehicle and individuals inside while driving are required to wear a seat belt then why is it that buses are not even considered.

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