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EPPD respond to a unique emergency call

The Eagle Pass Police Department responded to an emergency call on Thursday morning involving a male undocumented immigrant.

An assistance call came in at around 8 am, February 9, 2018 asking for police intervention/assistance to the 300 block of Church St.

Police officials drove to the area where they made contact with the driver of a Trash Collection Truck and a male individual.

The driver then explained to police officials what had occurred.

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According to the male adult the other individual (Undocumented Immigrant) was found inside a city commercial issued trash bin.

The man was discovered as the trash collection truck had picked up the bin and was about to dump its contents into the trucks collecting compartment.

“The undocumented immigrant was spotted inside the trash bin as it was being dumped by a camera system the truck has.

The man was saved from being crushed to death by the trucks trash disposal unit.

It was determined that the immigrant had decided to hide inside the trash bin to get away from the cold weather and to be able to sleep over night.

The United States Border Patrol took custody of the undocumented immigrant.

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