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Subject arrested for possession of crystal meth

The Eagle Pass Police Department has reported that Police Officers conducting an investigation on Friday, February 2 spoke with a 25 year female at an address within the 1800 block of Cox Street. As a result of the investigation the female identified as 25 year old Erika Lucero Mendez Andrade was subsequently arrested.

The EPPD report states that during the course of the investigation officers were granted entry to the residence by the home owner. They then found and seized a Ziploc bag containing marijuana and a small box containing a white powdery substance later confirmed to be crystal methamphetamine.

“Mendez Andrade was arrested and presented before a magistrate and formally charged with possession of marijuana over 4 ounces but less than 5 pounds and possession of a controlled substance. Mendez Andrade was then remanded to the Tom Bowles Detention Center in lieu of a combined $14,000 bond.

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