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Report of possible Sexual Assault on a 6 year old child

The Eagle Pass Police Department received a call from the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Emergency room located at 3333 North Fort Foster Maldonado Boulevard in regards to a report of a possible sexual assault on a 6 year old child.

This incident is reported to have occurred on January 26 and possibly could have occurred in a EPISD school classroom as the EPPD report states that the incident place is Room No. 12 at Benavides Elementary.

The Eagle Pass Independent School District Police Department headed by EPISD Chief Joe Ramos has taken over the investigation of this case which points to it being an incident that may have occurred on a campus site or EPISD owned facility.

The case is highly sensitive and well guarded due to the involvement of a minor child. EPISD has sent out a statement acknowledging the issue and are conducting an investigation. It’s not clear as to who could be involved but that information will be forthcoming once a thorough inquiry is conducted

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