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Eagle Pass City Council Voted in favor of future projects

The Eagle Pass City Council voted in favor of considering and prioritizing a group of proposed future projects during their meeting held on Monday, January 21.

During the course of the meeting City Manager Ivan Morua presented the City’s Finance Department including Director Jesse Rodriguez and Assistant Placido Madera who had a list of proposed projects that were itemized by importance and feasibility under the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan.

Madera presented council with a list of the projects and went through them one by one, presenting all information regarding the proposals. “This is a preliminary priority list which was scored under the following criteria including relevance to public safety or health, relevance to city infrastructure needs, extent of benefit, future financial impact, and impact to the quality of life.”

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The priorities list is as follows No. 1 Streets maintenance, No.2 Drainage Study, No.3 sidewalks Maintenance, No.4 Emergency Communications, No.5 Hike/bike Trail, No.6 Fire Station No. 2, No.7 Parks upgrades and Shades, No.8 Downtown Public Restrooms, No.9 Sports Complex, No.10 Roofing Repairs to Certain Buildings and No 11 New Public Works building.

Madera explained the pros and cons of each of the projects.

The Eagle Pass City Council did have a lengthy conversation over the list and which projects could be of greater importance and possibly reshuffling some of them around on the itemized list.

Councilman Luis Sifuentes expressed his thoughts over the list. “They’re all important things but I’d like to see the Sports Complex a little bit higher up on the chain. One thing that we have seen is the growth of youth sports participation. We all know how crowded our parks and fields get.”

Council concurred that one of the important projects possibly to move to the top of the list was the building of a Sports Complex due to the need for it due to demand

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