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Maverick County Sheriff’s Dept responds to car on fire, two persons with burns

The Maverick County Sheriff Department, Eagle Pass Fire Department and other law enforcement agencies responded to an area along Old Pioneer and Old Oro Roads in reference to a possible brush fire early Sunday morning.

Upon arrival to the scene reported, Deputies sprang into action when it was determined that the cause of the fire was in fact a motor vehicle that had crashed into a pole and was fully engulfed in flames.

“Go ahead and contact Fire Department. It’s a big fire and possible vehicle involved. It’s going to be an (MVA) and the vehicle is on fire.” reported a Sheriff Deputy “We have a male individual laying on the floor. He is unresponsive.”

EPFD shortly arrived and began to try to extinguish the vehicle while EMT’s began to assist the unresponsive man. “Vehicle on fire possibly hit a tree.” reported EPFD “One unresponsive patient but officers are relaying that there could be another one inside the vehicle and its fully engulfed.”

The gentleman was pulled from the car by Mr. Jose L. Gardea who also suffered burns.

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Eagle Pass Fire Department Paramedics transported the individual to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center.” Patient has agonal breathing and burns to his lower extremities, torso and bleeding from the facial area.” reported EMT’s

The male was later identified as 29-year-old Vince Ibarra who suffered burns two his lower extremities, back, torso and face and cuts as well.

Mr. Ibarra was later taken to a San Antonio Trauma 1 hospital for further treatment.

Sheriff Department officials are considering the possibilities that this vehicle could have been involved in a domestic disturbance incident minutes earlier.

Prayers are with Mr. Ibarra and his family.

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