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Maverick County presents oral arguments before Texas Fourth Court of Appeals

Maverick County and the plaintiff in the matter through their attorney’s will be presenting their oral arguments at the Texas Fourth Court of Appeals on Wednesday January 24.

Both Parties will continue arguing their stances and will then have to wait for a decision to be rendered in the appeal that Maverick County submitted back in June 2016.

Maverick County filed its Appeal with the Texas Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio, Texas regarding a judgment rendered in the Felan vs. Maverick County case by visiting District Judge W.C. Kirkendall.

Felan through her attorneys sought to make the county have a roll back election on the current tax rate which is being charged and paid off now by the County taxpayer.

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On June 16th Kirkendall set a Writ of Mandamus ordering the county to hold a tax rollback election.

The County filed an appeal which is where the issues stands.

Judge David Saucedo states that the county continues pushing forth with tax collection and are ready for what is decided by the appeals court. “I want to clear up certain tax monies that have come up in question recently. The county has taken the proper steps that are required by law. I want to clarify the issue because certain comments have been made that the county has stolen $3.7 million dollars. Reality is nothing has been stolen because the money is there. And what’s in question under the tax rate issue is a little less than $1 million not what is being said.” said Saucedo “I assure you when they came into this county they investigated everyone the way it’s supposed to be. I have no problem and we’re here fighting for the residents and bringing back the community to where it needs to be.” concluded Saucedo.

A decision on this matter could take up to 90 days after the end of the hearings.

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