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Train Derailment shuts down major railway in Piedras Negras

Mexican officials and Representatives of Ferromex/Union Pacific Railroad responded to an accident involving 4 freight cars full of coal derailed on January 11 at around 7 pm.

Mexican Authorities and Union Pacific officials assessed the situation and shut down the area to begin an investigation and clean-up of the spillage. Luckily no one was hurt but the train cars and tracks did suffer significant damage from the wreck.

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Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mayor Sonia Villarreal Perez did take part in the incident and did request for answers to be provided to her governing body in order to begin looking at preventive measures and what can be done to avoid such tragedies that could be worse.

The area of the damage/spill was still shut down until approximately 48 hrs after the event.

There are a lot of toxic chemicals that cross to and from Mexico on a daily basis, that if spilled, would cause a major casualty event and could cause major environmental problems.

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