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Increase in Walmart wage seen as an effect of Tax Plan

Walmart is about to increase its starting wage from $9 to $11 per hour and provide employees bonuses at all of their stores across the United States including in Eagle Pass.

The largest U.S. private employer with more than 1 million workers announced its plan on Thursday, January 11 as a result of some of the companies benefits from the Approved Tax Plan.

The move does face certain criticism from economist as to where is the actual move is being founded due to the companies’ stance on keeping pay rates at low levels for many years.

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At the end of it, when you ask the employees they are truly hoping that pay rate does increase and some type of bonuses are handed out.

A local employee from Wal Mart who has been with the company for years is happy to hear of such bonuses and increases on the starting wages.

“I started with them when the wage was under $7.25 per hour many years ago and have happily worked for them. Hearing of this increases and possibly bonuses is exciting and lifts your spirits. Puts a pep to your walk.” said the employee “Hopefully they’re implemented here as well.”

Currently Walmart is having a problem nationwide in retaining employees and this increase in starting pay could be part of a plan to help them not lose workers.

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