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Maverick County still embroiled in Overtime litigation

Maverick County continues to spar back and forth and wait for a decision from Federal Judge Alia Moses on the lawsuit filed by 26 ex and current employees of the Maverick County Sheriff Department in federal court during 2014.The plaintiffs allege that they were not paid overtime hours that they worked and up to now are owed.

Going on 3 years and counting both parties met in San Antonio, Texas for mediation on Friday September 8,2017 but were not able to come to any terms and returned to the courtroom in front of Judge Moses.

The hearing went on for 3 days.

Judge Moses is expected to make some type of ruling on the matter. The plaintiffs seek more than $2 million dollars in compensation plus attorney fees. While the county argues that the compensation being sought is not the correct amount and the plaintiffs are not owed such high amounts.

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Ex- employees Daniel Cruz and Armando Sanchez filed a lawsuit against Maverick County and the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly violating the federal Fair Labor Standards Act for non-payment of overtime hours worked at the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department on August 1, 2014. Later, other ex-employees and employees adjoined the lawsuit claiming the same violation against them as well. This lawsuit claims that that the plaintiffs and other employees did not receive overtime compensation accumulated throughout their employment at the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department. “The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department’s policy and practice is to deny earned wages and overtime pay to employees. Defendants’ deliberate failure to pay employees their earned wages and overtime compensation violates the Fair Labor Standards Act.” alleges the lawsuit.

Commissioners Court discussed the issue with the county legal counsel during their meeting held on Monday January 8, 2018 in executive session.

Both parties remain tight lipped over the issue and wait for a decision on the long-lasting matter.

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